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Prominent Russian journalist is stabbed in the neck in attack at the Ekho Moskvy radio station

Source: Meduza

An unidentified person entered the radio station Ekho Moskvy on Monday and attacked journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer with a knife. She was rushed to the hospital with a neck wound, and her condition is reportedly stable, according to the station’s chief editor, Alexey Venediktov. Security guards detained the assailant and handed him over to police.

Photo of the attacker

According to the tabloid Telegram channel Mash, there were actually two attackers. The two men supposedly entered Ekho Moskvy’s studio on Novyi Arbat and sprayed some kind of gas into the security guard’s face. Next, they took the elevator to the recording floor and attacked Felgenhauer, according to Mash.

A police source told the news agency RIA Novosti that law enforcement are reviewing the possibility that the attack was due to some “personal conflict.” Another source told Republic that psychiatrists will evaluate the attacker, who reportedly behaved “strangely” after he was detained.

Note: There is more accurate, updated information available at the link below.

Felgenhauer has worked at Ekho Moskvy since 2005, leading the popular shows “Minority Report” and the morning show “U-Turn.” She is currently the station’s deputy chief editor.

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