Volkswagen warns Russian dealerships against selling to Crimea

14:31, 11 october 2017

Volkswagen dealerships around Russia have reportedly received a letter from Marcus Ozegovich, the automaker’s general director in Russia, warning that the sale of trucks, multipurpose commercial vehicles, and specialized cars is prohibited in Crimea.

Two unnamed sources confirmed to the newspaper Vedomosti that Russian car dealerships have received the warnings, and a source at Volkswagen reportedly said the company sends out these reminders regularly. Ozegovich’s letter warned that the restrictions apply not just to Crimean companies, but also to any sales to customers who plan to use the vehicles in Crimea. Sales through intermediaries are also subject to the Crimea prohibition.

Earlier this year, Russia was unable to purchase Iranian-produced gas turbines because they were manufactured under a license from the German company Siemens. In July, Siemens announced that four of its turbines had been illegally transferred to Crimea, in violation of European Union sanctions barring EU firms from supplying the occupied peninsula with energy technology.