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The Kremlin says, yes, it sought a major rapprochement with Trump, but it didn't get it

Source: RIA Novosti

Russian officials did in fact ask the U.S. earlier this year to agree to a series of meetings to discuss pressing international issues, but they say they encountered no reciprocity from the Trump administration, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, confirming parts of a report by BuzzFeed published on September 12 saying that Moscow sought a “full normalization of relations” with the United States, which would have revived government contacts frozen under the Obama presidency.

“Yes, of course, we made such proposals in various formats to the Americans. Moscow repeatedly advocated a resumption of dialogue, an exchange of opinions, and a search for joint solutions, but unfortunately we didn’t encounter any reciprocity here,” Peskov said on Wednesday, commenting on the veracity of BuzzFeed’s story, which quotes a “secret document” sent to the White House.

“There was a consolidated proposal communicated in part there and by other diplomatic channels. This is a common practice in diplomatic work,” Peskov explained. Asked if these materials were passed to the White House through Russia’s embassy, Peskov said, “It was through diplomatic channels,” adding that there wasn’t any contact regarding any issues that haven’t already been reported in the media.

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