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Yekaterinburg mayor drops out of Sverdlovsk governor's race, citing ‘unconstitutional’ obstacles to his candidacy

Yekaterinburg Mayor Evgeny Roizman has withdrawn his candidacy for this September’s gubernatorial election in the Sverdlovsk region, explaining at a press conference that he was unable to overcome Russia’s so-called “municipal filter.” In other words, he failed to collect enough signatures from local municipal deputies. Roizman told reporters that he could only get two thirds of the necessary 130 endorsements.

According to the news agency RBC, Yekaterinburg’s mayor plans to contest the legality of Russia’s “municipal filter” in the Constitutional Court.

These aren’t elections. This is the deception of voters. It's mere roleplaying games. I believe that honest people shouldn’t participate in this. These elections need to be boycotted.

Evgeny Roizman

The liberal political party “Yabloko” nominated Roizman to be its candidate on June 21. The nomination should have occurred two days earlier, but the leaders of Yabloko’s regional branch resigned en masse, in protest against Roizman’s candidacy.

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