Moscow lieutenant hospitalizes one of Navalny's volunteers with ‘sambo combat maneuvers.’ The activist resisted police and refused to show his passport

23:07, 6 july 2017

A lawyer for Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation published a photograph on Thursday showing a police report describing how a lieutenant “used sambo combat maneuvers” against a volunteer who resisted police and refused to show his passport.

According to attorney Ivan Zhdanov, a police officer named M. A. Glukhovsky attacked volunteer Alexander Turovsky for “resisting lawful demands,” when the latter refused to show him his passport and “interfered with the carrying out of investigative work.” When sharing photos of the police report on Twitter, Zhdanov did not indicate how he obtained access to the document.

“They beat up our staffer. Bruises on his face. Police officers in masks beat him as they detained him. Now he's being charged with [Criminal Code Article] 19.3 [disobeying the police]. Zamoskvoretskiy court.”
Vitaly Serukanov, “Team Navalny” member

Turovsky was working night watch duty at Navalny’s Moscow headquarters during the early morning hours on July 6, when police raided the office. Turovsky says officers beat him up and then kept him detained for several hours at a local police station. He was later charged with disobeying police orders, and taken to court for arraignment, where he became unwell and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors examined his injuries and decided to keep him under observation for the night. Turovsky’s hearing is expected to resume on Friday morning.

According to tweets by the Party of Progress, a political group founded by Alexey Navalny, four police officers have been stationed outside Turovsky’s hospital room, allegedly entering the room frequently to insult him. In another startling harassment, a nurse even threw a syringe at him, according to the Party of Progress.

“They've left Turovsky at the hospital until morning. Four police officers regularly come into the ward and insult him. A nurse chucked a syringe at Sasha.”