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Navalny's campaign manager in Khabarovsk is fined 150,000 rubles for promoting a legal public protest

Police in Khabarovsk have fined Alexey Vorsin, Alexey Navalny’s local campaign manager, 150,000 rubles ($2,630) for promoting a legal demonstration scheduled for June 12 on charges that he has repeatedly violated Russia’s laws on public assemblies.

A few days before a court reached its verdict against Vorsin, the city of Khabarovsk granted Navalny’s campaign a permit to hold a rally on June 12, when Navalny’s supporters across the country plan to stage anti-corruption protests. 

Three months ago, Vorsin was also fined 10,000 rubles ($175) for illegally promoting a public assembly in advance of an anti-corruption protest on March 26, when Navalny’s supporters turned out in surprising numbers in demonstrations against Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Khabarovsk officials had not approved a permit for the March 26 rally, where police detained 12 demonstrators. 

Navalny’s supporters are planning to hold anti-corruption rallies in more than 200 cities nationwide on June 12, when the country celebrates Russia Day. Moscow officials have approved a protest, while activists have yet to reach an agreement with the city of St. Petersburg.

Moscow police detained more than 1,000 demonstrators on March 26, when Navalny’s supporters marched without a permit. Officials later charged six individuals with attacking police officers at the rally. Two of these cases have already wrapped up, with defendants receiving prison sentences.

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