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Russia’s approves information society development strategy through 2030

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on a new strategy for the development of Russia’s information society from 2017-2030. This document was published on the country’s official state website for legal information and replaces a previous strategy that had been in force since 2008.

Among other things, the new strategy prioritizes “traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​and the observance of [corresponding] behavioral norms in the use of information and communication technologies.”

The document also spells out the concept of “critical information infrastructure” and the need to protect said infrastructure using state anti-hacking resources.

Furthermore, the strategy calls for the use of encryption in all federal electronic correspondence and for replacing imported software and computer equipment with domestic products across government institutions.

Russia’s government has been instructed to approve both a list of preconditions for implementing the strategy and an implementation plan by October 1, 2017.

The twenty-nine-page decree came into force upon its signing.

In December 2016, Russia adopted a new information security doctrine. Among other things, this document noted the need to reduce Russia’s dependence on foreign information technologies.

Russia’s previous doctrine on information society was in force from 2008 to 2015.

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