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LinkedIn stilled blocked in Russia following fruitless talks with Roskomnadzor

Source: Interfax

Professional social networking site LinkedIn could not come to an agreement with Russia's Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor about resuming work in Russia, said LinkedIn Vice President Ariel Ekstine. The website has been blocked since November 2016.

According to Ekstine, company representatives met with the Russian watchdog in December 2016, but could not come to an understanding, which means that LinkedIn will continue to be blocked in Russia.

The company does not believe that it violated Russian laws.

LinkedIn has been blocked in Russia since November 2016 following a court decision that maintained that the professional social networking site had violated Russia's laws against storing the personal data of Russian citizens outside of the country.

Blocking LinkedIn was the first large-scale application of Russia's law on personal data. No reliable information has been reported on the transfer of user data from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other major IT companies to Russia.

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