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Court once again refuses to release Oleg Navalny on parole

The Uritsky District Court of Russia’s Orlov Region has denied parole releasing Oleg Navalny, the brother of oppositionist leader Alexei Navalny, on parole in the Yves Rocher case.

The Court supported the argument of Federal Penitentiary Service representatives who spoke about the penalties that Navalny received in the penal colony, namely that he failed to always go to sleep or wake up on time, did not make his reports as per the expected form, and once left crumbs on his table.

This was the second time that Oleg Navalny had asked for parole. The first time the court denied him was in June 2016. Navalny has been in a penal colony for two years and two months.

Oleg Navalny received a sentence of 3.5 year in prison in December 2014 for embezzling money from a subsidiary of the cosmetics company Yves Rocher. Navalny says he is innocent of all charges, which are widely regarded outside Russia to be politicized. His brother Alexei Navalny received the same sentence, but not in real terms.