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FSB’s cybersecurity supervisor may soon be sacked

Source: Kommersant

The head of the FSB’s Information Security Center Andrei Gerasimov could soon be dismissed, reported newspaper Kommersant, citing a source close to the FSB, as well as the top managers of IT-companies working with the Center.

Gerasimov’s allegedly impending dismissal, according to the publication, is related to an investigation of one of his deputies. The Center is now being investigated over its relations with commercial companies, specializing in cybercrimes, such with Kaspersky and Group-IB.

The FSB has refused to respond to the Kommersant’s inquiry in regards to Gerasimov over the course of a month now.

Gerasimov has headed the Information Security Center since 2009. The Center is in charge of ensuring the FSB’s cybersecurity and investigating data leaks and other serious cybercrimes.

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