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Belarussian schoolboy steals father's $5,000 and buys his friends hamsters

Source: Meduza

An eleven-year-old schoolboy from Minsk, Belarus stole money from his father over the course of four months. In total, he stole $5,200.

According to the police, the child took the keys to the room where his father kept money in foreign currency. While the student took the money, three of his friends stood beside the room and kept guard.

The boy spent money on entertainment and gifts for his friends. He bought an expensive bicycle, an iPhone, and sports equipment. He also gave two of his friends a cage and three hamsters. He also gave 600 Belarussian rubles (approximately $320) in local currency to a third friend, who then gave this money to his mother towards the purchase of a television. The students went to an amusement park daily and ate at McDonald's several times a day.

"The children said that they would promise [drunkards] alcohol [in exchange for] changing the currency at exchange points," said police department spokesperson Tatiana Kovalyeva.

The school will not incite a criminal case against the children as they have not yet reached the age of legal responsibilities. Their parents, however, will be charged with failing to comply with their responsibilities in rearing their children and will have to pay a fine of up to 210 Belarussian rubles (approximately $108).

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