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Polling station data from Saratov Region shows signs of ballot stuffing

Source: Meduza

Sunday's election results from polling stations in the Saratov Region reveal "coincidences" that are suggestive of ballot stuffing, reported electoral geography expert Alexander Kireev and

Kireev published his finding on his Live Journal account. Data tables show that in several tens of districts, pro-Kremlin political party United Russia won the same percentage of votes, down to 1/10 of a percent, the precise percent being 62.2. According to, there were more than 100 such instances in the Saratov Region.

Kireev assumes that the elections were rigged in order to ensure that United Russia's reach around 40 percent of the vote. These, calculations, however, were intended for a 100 percent turnout. In practice, voter turnout was lower than anticipated. United Russia's 62.2 percent, therefore, said the expert, roughly corresponds to 40 percent of the total number of registered voters.

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