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Russia says one of its soldiers is dead at the Crimean border, killed as Ukrainian terrorists allegedly crossed over

As a result of Ukrainian shelling of the Crimean border, a Russian Defense Ministry soldier has been killed, according to a statement released by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB).

Russian officials say the Ukrainian military shelled the border in order to provide cover fire for a “guerrilla-terrorist group” to cross into Russian-occupied Crimea on the night of August 8.

Russian officials say they are responding with additional security at public places and areas containing Crimea's critical infrastructure. 

The FSB says it prevented a terrorist attack in Crimea allegedly organized by Ukrainian intelligence agents. Officials say one FSB officer died during the capture of the supposed terrorists, who have allegedly confessed to working for the Ukrainian government. The FSB says the criminals were detained in possession of homemade bombs, anti-personnel mines, grenades, and other weapons that the FSB says are found in Ukraine's armed forces. Russian officials say the men planned to attack Crimea's “critical infrastructure,” in order to destabilize the socio-political situation before Russia's parliamentary elections next month.

Based on the results of a special military investigation by Russia's Crimean and Sevastopol FSB, a criminal case has been launched. Additional operational activities and investigative work are now underway.

The Federal Security Service of Russia

Earlier it was reported that Russian forces unilaterally closed several checkpoints along the Crimean border on August 7. There were unconfirmed reports that an armed skirmish along the border left one person dead and three others injured. Afterwards, Crimean officials reportedly activated a plan called “Interception,” instituting mass vehicle checks along the highways. 

Responding to the FSB's allegations, an aide to the head of Ukraine's State Security Service told reporters that Kyiv has not and will not attempt to regain Crimea by force. 

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