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One of the Russian soldiers allegedly killed by Ukrainian spies has already been buried in Simferopol

Source: Kommersant

The newspaper Kommersant says it's learned that one of the Russian soldiers killed near the Crimean border allegedly by Ukrainian agents was a special forces commander in the Military Intelligence Service. The man's name has not been released.

The ambush reportedly occurred on Sunday, August 7, though Russian officials only went public with the allegations today. The Russian special forces commander has already been buried in Simferopol, according to Kommersant, which also reports that the Russian military is conducting an active search near the Crimean border for “several Ukrainian infiltrators” who succeeded in entering Crimea.

On the streets of Armyansk, Krasnoperekopsk, and Dzhankoi, Russian soldiers and armored vehicles have appeared, and police posts throughout Crimea have been reinforced with armed forces, and helicopters are patrolling the skies.

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