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Google Maps changes cities' names in Crimea to reflect the new names chosen by Kiev

Source: 112 Ukraina

Google Maps has renamed several settlements in Crimea, whose names Ukraine's parliament changed in accordance with its “decommunization” campaign. 

Now Google Maps shows cities like Krasnoperekopsk as “Yany Kapu,” Sovetskoe as “Ichki,” and Kirovskoe as “Islyam-Terek.”

The names have been changed on both Google Maps' Russian and Ukrainian versions.

In May 2016, the Verkhovna Rada renamed 70 settlements in Crimea, mostly choosing names of Crimean Tatar origin. The Ukrainian government has not been in control of Crimea since early 2014, following a controversial referendum on seceding from Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation. Most of the world does not recognize Russia's subsequent annexation of the territory.

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