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Russia's government censor loves censorship so much that it blocked its own SSL-certificate provider


Over the weekend, Russia's federal media censor, Roskomnadzor, added to the national Internet blacklist its own SSL-certificate provider, Comodo (one of the largest SSL-certificate providers in the world). Roskomnadzor blocked the online resource in (a very delayed) response to a Stavropol court's decision back in 2013. For a limited time, following the addition of the Comodo SSL certificates to the blacklist, Roskomnadzor's own website was rendered inaccessible, according to the website RosKomSvoboda. 

The move by Roskomnadzor also temporarily knocked out access to several other Russian government websites that also used Comodo SSL certificates. All the affected websites are back online now, and Comodo resources have been removed from Russia's federal blacklist.

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