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State Duma deputy says Pokémon Go could be used to spark riots, intentionally destabilizing Russia

Source: NSN

Commenting on a recent decision by the Russian bank Sberbank to use Pokémon Go to attract new clients, Duma member Evgeny Federov said the game may lead to instability and chaos in the country.

Calling the game a mechanism for the “mental debilitation” of the populace, Federov suggested that Pokémon Go was created by forces that seek to “degrade humanity.” Noting the game’s efficiency at getting people to move through the streets, Fedorov argued that it would be simple for its creators, who he stresses are not Russian, to concentrate people in one location, somehow provoke them, and, thereby, bring about mass riots. His conclusion is that the game’s objective is to destabilize Russia.

Previously, Sberbank said that it will not only use Pokémon Go to lure clients to its branches, but would will start offering players special insurance covering up to 50,000 rubles ($792) in damages, in the event of injury while playing the game.

Pokémon Go launched officially in Russia today, July 18.

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