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Russia's Presidential Council wants to regulate the dangers of Pokémon Go

Passions are running high ahead of Pokémon Go's official arrival in Russia. The St. Petersburg Cossacks, as well as the notorious Russian Orthodox activist Dmitry Enteo, have already voiced their objections to the apparently “Satanic” mobile game. Now, Russia's Presidential Council for the Civil Society and Human Rights is weighing in.

According to the council's spokesperson, Yana Lantratova, playing Pokémon Go “in places of religious significance, cemeteries, or government facilities” is unacceptable. The council will meet soon to discuss various location restrictions that have not been set by the game’s developers. Some in the group having expressed concerns that Pokémon Go players are susceptible to being run over or mugged as they play, and they'll also seek to introduce security measures to ensure players’ safety, according to reports.

Speaking for the Russian Orthodox Church, Vakhtang Kipshidze agreed with Lantratova, saying that theaters, museums, cemeteries, and temples are not suitable places to play Pokémon Go.

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