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Soviet repression victims' tombstones will now be marked specially at Moscow’s Donskoy Cemetery

Source: RIA Novosti

The graves of the victims of political repressions under Joseph Stalin will now be marked specially at Moscow’s Donskoy Cemetery as part of a plan to introduce a new “navigation system” to the capital’s burial sites, according to an announcement on the city government's official website.

The Donskoy and Vagankovsky cemeteries now also bear new signs and illuminated information posts in the form of an open book with a detailed map clearly indicating the location of each burial ground’s columbaria, administrative buildings, retail outlets, and memorials.

The Troekurov and Perepechinsky cemeteries are expected to have their “navigation systems” updated by the end of the year.

“The capital’s largest and most historically-significant cemeteries, such as those of St. Nicholas of Arkhangelsk, Novodevichy, Kuzminsky, [and] Danilovsky, among others, will also receive new ‘navigation systems,’” read the press release.

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