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Roma man ‘rescues’ a kitten from a home about to be demolished, and then murders it in front of police, in protest
Source: Rosbalt

State officials have begun demolishing illegally constructed homes in a Roma community in the village of Plekhanovo, located about 115 miles south of Moscow. During the demolition of one building, a Roma man entered the home under the pretext of saving a kitten inside. He then exited the building with the cat in hand, telling police, “A kitten is a human being, too.” The officers laughed, but then the man suddenly threw the animal with all his might at a brick wall, killing it instantly.

The incident occurred in the presence of several locals, as well, including a handful of journalists and children. The man was then arrested and faces a fine of 80,000 rubles ($1,200), as well as up to a year of community service, or even six months in prison.

Caution: the video below contains graphic footage:

A Roma man makes a show of killing a kitten outside Tula.