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Medvedev to Crimean pensioners: there's no more money, but hang in there

“There's simply no money right now,” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a local woman in Crimea who confronted him outside today about the low pensions in Russia. “Hang in there,” he added, before wishing the people good health and high spirits.

During his recent visit to Crimea, locals greeted the prime minister with complaints about low pensions and rising prices. Russia’s pension payments were increased by a mere 4 percentage points earlier this year, but this readjustment has yet to be applied in Crimea.

“We are being mistreated. They are not even giving us this 4 percent,” lamented the woman, speaking emotionally. “What is 8,000 [rubles—about $120]? It's miserly!”

In response, Medvedev said, “There is simply no money at the moment. If we find the money, we will readjust your pensions.” 

The submission of amendments to the federal budget to increase the rate of pension readjustments (from the current 4 percent) has been postponed until September.

Dmitry Medvedev meets the public in Crimea.
Kafa Gazette
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