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Chair of Russia’s Supreme Court compares Obama to Hitler

Source: TASS

US President Barack Obama echoes the utterances of Third Reich leader Adolph Hitler “almost verbatim” when describing American exceptionalism, declared Chairman of Russia’s Constitutional Court Valeriy Zorkin at the sixth annual St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, taking place this week in Russia’s cultural capital, reported Russian news agency TASS.

According to the judge, Obama describes the American people and the United States as exceptional and believes them to bear the right to aspire to greater ambitions than other peoples and nations. “Essentially, Obama is saying the same thing that Nazi bigwigs—responsible for the [start of the] Second World War—were saying about the German people and the German state earlier,” Zorkin reportedly said.

The judge also suggested that the successful recruitment of new members to extremist Islamic organizations can be attributed to the West’s “violation of international laws” and vocal admonishment of what it perceives as “unacceptable” Muslim values. “Because the United States is strong, the only remaining option for the Muslims to protect their values and norms […] is terrorism against Western enemies of [these] Muslim values,” he concluded.

Furthermore, Zorkin added, citizens of countries across the world are in a state of “socio-psychological shock” as a result of the West’s legal reshaping of “gender and family norms.”

In 2014, Zorkin called serfdom “the fundamental bond” holding together Russia's unity before the reforms of 1861 and identified the abolition of serfdom as the one of the culprits behind the revolutionary processes currently occurring within the Russian Federation.

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