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Millions of Russians, and one Vladimir Putin, join the ‘Immortal Regiment’ on Victory Day

Source: Interfax

More than half a million people attended the “Immortal Regiment” parade in Moscow earlier today, according to Russia's Interior Ministry. The parade, which occurs in cities throughout the country, is a relatively new feature of Russia's Victory Day celebrations. “Immortal Regiment” participants carry photographs of relatives who fought in the Second World War. President Vladimir Putin also joined today's march.

Vladimir Putin joins the ‘Immortal Regiment’ march for a second time.
TASS news agency

According to organizers, perhaps more than 2 million Russians joined “immortal regiments” in 41 regions across the country. The news agency Interfax says roughly 300,000 people marched in St. Petersburg, and more than 500,000 people marched in the Krasnodar region. 

The “Immortal Regiment” parade was created by journalists from the independent television station TV2, based in Tomsk. (The network was forced off the air in 2015, after its broadcast license expired.) Since 2015, the All-Russia Popular Front, a political movement launched by Vladimir Putin, has organized “Immortal Regiments” throughout Russia on May 9.

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