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Crowd wearing nationalist symbols attacks children's school competition organized by historical society Memorial

Source: Meduza

A noisy crowd wearing nationalist WWII symbols has hurled eggs and Brilliant Green disinfectant at participants to an award ceremony for the “Man in History: Russia XX Century” school competition organized by Russian historical and civil rights society Memorial.

Participants included school children, guests and Memorial staff members. The award ceremony was taking place at the House of Cinema in Moscow.

“All around the House of Cinema, where the Memorial's ‘Man in History’ competition is winding up, there are hooligans covered in St.George Ribbons terrorizing people. They poured disinfectant on [Lyudmila] Ulitskaya's face. They are screaming “Not educators, but bed-filth!” at teachers. They called my assistant Natasha a liberal whore. The police are doing nothing,” wrote Russian economist and human rights activist Irina Yasina via her Facebook account.

This official Twitter post from the Memorial society reads: “Memorial's school competition, at the entrance they're greeting everyone with screams of ‘national traitors!’”

Another Twitter post from the organization reads: “They poured [green-staining disinfectant] on Lyudmila Ulitskaya. We already washed it off, but there's still some on her temple.”