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Controversial new Human Rights Commissioner says human rights are a Western blackmail tool

Source: Interfax

Today, Russia's parliament, the State Duma, elected Deputy Tatyana Moskalkova to the post of Human Rights Commissioner by a majority vote, reports news agency Interfax.

Deputy Moskalkova, who is a member of the A Just Russia party, was also supported by the ruling United Russia party for the post.

The newly elected Human Rights Commissioner has distinguished herself in the State Duma for advocating particularly draconian legislation.

In her post-election interview, Commissioner Moskalkova said she had to take a stand against human rights being used as a tool by the West to blackmail Russia.

“Today, the issue of human rights is actively used by some Western and US institutions as a tool to blackmail, to create speculation over, to threaten and to pressure Russia. A Human Rights Commissioner can and must take a stand against false and invalid accusations used against Russia.”


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