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Uber teams up with Russia's Interior Ministry to find missing children

Source: Meduza

Uber is teaming up with Russia's Interior Ministry to help find missing children. As part of the new campaign, the portraits of missing children will be painted on the sides of some of the cars in Uber's Moscow fleet. The campaign launched on Monday, April 18.

According to Uber, roughly 50,000 children disappear in Russia every year.

Uber encourages Muscovites to photograph its cars that bear the images of missing children. “Photograph them and share the pictures with friends,” the taxi service asks.

In March, Uber Technologies conceded to Moscow officials and agreed to hire only drivers with commercial taxi licenses, and it agreed to share aggregated data about travel routes. The compromise followed threats from transit authorities, who wanted to ban the service. (Similar arrangements exist between the city and the taxi services Yandex.Taxi and Gett.)