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Navalny to sue major state-owned TV operator for upcoming error-filled documentary ‘The Browder Effect’

Источник: Alexey Navalny

Alexei Navalny and his Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) are suing the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company for libel.

The lawsuit relates to an April 10 news segment, which announced an upcoming documentary film, “The Browder Effect,” that claims to expose Navalny's connections to the investment fund Hermitage Capital, previously run by William Browder and who the film accuses of being a British secret agent.

Both the news segment and the “The Browder Effect” preview contain numerous errors, says Navalny. For example, the documentary purports to show secret documents in English, however, these documents contain a number of basic English grammatical errors. The news segment also claims to show Navalny's secret office in Ukraine. In fact, what is shown is just footage of his office in Moscow, says Navalny.

Navalny also intends to initiate a lawsuit against the authors of the news segment, he stated today on his website.

“The Browder Effect” is set to air on Wednesday, April 13, as part of the Rossiya-1 program “Special Correspondent.”