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Federal transport authority attributes growth in traffic accidents to better roads

Source: TASS

The Federal Road Transport Agency says roads with smooth riding surfaces enable drives to break the speed limit more often, which may be leading to an increase in road traffic collisions. The agency is citing a study it conducted using figures for 2015.

“Improving the transport and operating condition of federal roads often leads to an increase in accidents in some areas. On a good road, drivers often exceed the speed limit and venture into the oncoming lane. These infractions are among the most frequent causes for road accidents,” the study concludes.

At the same time, the transport agency notes that in 2015 the number of highway collisions overall decreased by 11 percent and road fatalities dropped by 15 percent.

Studies from Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration report that 40 percent of road collisions in Russia are due to poor quality roads. The academy believes 70 percent of Russia's federal highways are in need of repairs.