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Officials in Crimea present newborn boys with military enlistment papers for 2032

Last week, Russian authorities in Crimea's Simferopol district formally presented three newborn boys with draft notices, in addition to their birth certificates. The infants are expected to report for military enlistment in 2032, when they turn 16, according to a news release published on the Crimean Justice Ministry's website.

According to Russian law, registration in the armed forces is required between January 1 and March 31 of the year that a man turns 17 years old. This being the case, the infants born in Simferopol last week should have been told to report at an enlistment center a year later, in 2033.

The Crimean government handed out draft notices to newborn boys as part of a holiday promotion on February 23, when Russia celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day. The Justice Ministry says it wanted to observe “the solemn rite of registering the births of ‘Russia's glorious sons.’” It's unclear from the ministry's press release if similar draft notices were handed out throughout Crimea, or just in Simferopol.

Military recruitment officers and several combat veterans also attended the ceremony honoring Russia's future soldiers.

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