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Meduza chief editor steps down, remains as CEO

Source: Meduza

Galina Timchenko has stepped down from her position as chief editor of Meduza. Her post has been taken up by Deputy Chief Editor Ivan Kolpakov. Timchenko will remain as the CEO and founder of the Medusa Project.

Personnel changes were required due to the need to separate and balance authority within the company, says the former chief editor. “To wear two different hats at once is not exactly the right thing to do,” said Timchenko referring to her involvement in the future development of Meduza.

Alexander Polivanov has been appointed the new deputy chief editor.

Galina Timchenko founded Meduza in 2014 following her dismissal as chief editor of A number of former employees followed Timchenko to Meduza. Ivan Kolpakov has been deputy chief editor of the Meduza since its founding.

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