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Google swipes Yandex's 15-year-old slogan, accidentally it says

Source: VC

The Russian-language Google Books service is using a slogan that rival research engine Yandex copyrighted more than a decade ago. “Find everything!” (literally, “Everything will be found,” or “Найдется все!”) appears below Google's book search, after the phrase, “The largest library in the world.”

The news site first reported the slogan's appearance on Google's website on January 18. As recently as January 16, the phrase was not there. Google Books in other languages doesn't feature any slogans, other than explanatory information like, “Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books.”

Google's press office told the website that the slogan appeared due to a translation error. The company has promised to remove the text (though it is still there, at the time of this writing). 

“It's amazing that Google's marketing team took such a liking to this slogan, given that Yandex coined it more than 15 years ago. The phrase ‘Find everything!’ first appeared on our site in the spring of 2000, in one of Yandex's first commercials. It was long ago registered as a Yandex trademark,” a Yandex spokesperson said.


According to data from Liveinternet on 2015, 50.2 percent of Internet searches in Russia were carried out on Yandex, while searches on Google accounted for 41.9 percent. 

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