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The number of poor families in Russia almost doubles in 2015

Source: Interfax

The share of poor families in Russia—those with not enough income to buy food or clothing—in the past year has almost doubled from 22 percent to 39 percent, according to the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

The proportion of families with a “good” or “very good” financial position has remained the same as the previous year at 14 percent. Since December 2013, those counted within the middle income range have decreased from 72 percent to 64 percent in December 2015.

Better consumer prices and choice grew steadily through 2014, when poor families (with enough income for food, but lacking spare funds for clothing) were counted at 22 percent of the population. In 2015, the “poor” share grew to 39 percent, which is equivalent to the 2009 level. Increases in the “poor” category impacted the elderly, in particular. In the study's sample, the elderly were on average 55 percent more likely to be have been negatively affected. The proportion of families characterized to be in a “poor” or “very poor” financial state in 2013–2014 was only 16 percent

The center's sociologists also emphasize the many great improvements to families' financial situations since 2005. 

At the same time, while the percentage of those who can freely afford food and clothing has decreased, there are fewer experiencing difficulties buying household appliances and furniture (from 47 percent to 40 percent) [...].

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