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Group of Russian lawmakers wants to ban ‘coming out,’ jail perpetrators for 2 weeks

Source: Izvestia

A group of Duma deputies from the Russian Communist Party has prepared legislation that would criminalize "public recognitions of nontraditional sexual orientation." The initiative, which hasn't yet been introduced to the parliament, would penalize anyone convicted of coming out as LGBT with a fine as high as 5,000 rubles ($80) or arrest for a period up 15 days.

In an interview with Echo of Moscow, the author of the proposed legislation, Ivan Nikitchuk, said that he considers homosexuals to be mentally ill people. "When a person proclaims himself to be Napoleon, we lock him up, but when someone doesn't have a clear idea of his own sexuality, then we consider it to be his right," he said, suggesting that homosexuals should be excluded from society. Nikitchuk also said he wouldn't submit his legislation to the Duma before consulting the Communist Party's leadership.

Nikitchuk says he is certain that homosexuality is a grave threat to every healthy person, and can affect children or grandchildren, and in this way interrupt a bloodline.


Since 2013, Russia has observed a law that banned the promotion of so-called "nontraditional sexual orientations" in the presence of minors. The law has been condemned by LGBT rights groups around the world.