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Police say they've prevented an ISIL-supported terrorist attack in Russia, catching the suspect through social media

Source: Interfax

The Russian Federal Security Service says it has prevented a terrorist attack on a train in the Krasnodar region, according to the news agency Interfax

Police say they arrested an engineer's assistant, who they say was planning to detonate a home-made bomb that he intended to place on a train when it was in the depot. 

According to the authorities, the man in question has been in contact with acquaintances fighting for ISIL, who allegedly provided him with the instructions for making the bomb. Officers say he planned to flee to ISIL-controlled territory, after the train attack.

According to reports, the man was detained on October 16, after an investigation revealed that he'd been publishing materials on Vkontakte, Russia's largest social network, justifying the actions of international terrorists. 

“The terrorist attack was planned to destabilize the government and put an end to the use of the [Russian] Army in Syria against ISIL,” investigators said.


On October 11, in an unrelated incident, Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee announced that police in Moscow prevented a terrorist attack. Law enforcement officers detained several individuals suspected of plotting to detonate a bomb in the city. A Moscow bomb squad also defused an explosive device discovered at the suspected terrorists' apartment.