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Only 14 percent of Russians speak a foreign language and just 11 percent say they want to move abroad, new poll shows

Most Russians do not want to live or work abroad, according to a new survey by the Levada Center polling institute. The survey also showed that just 14 percent of Russians say they speak a foreign language fluently. 

According to the new Levada poll, conducted in mid-September, just 11 percent of Russians say they wish to relocate to a foreign country. Only 16 percent say they're interested in studying abroad, and 21 percent say they'd like to work in a foreign country. 

Asked what reasons might motivate them to move to the West, 20 percent said a higher quality of life, 15 percent said a chance to provide their children with a better future, 14 percent named better professional development opportunities, and 14 percent cited better welfare benefits. 13 percent also said they might leave Russia to escape bad conditions for working and running a business. 10 percent said they might wish to move abroad to be free of the arbitrariness of Russian state officials.

Almost three-quarters of Russians say they've never been abroad. Seven percent say they travel to foreign countries roughly once a year, and four percent say they go abroad once every couple of years.

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