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Putin's spokesman allegedly honeymoons aboard the world's most expensive yacht

Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin's long-time press secretary, has rented the most expensive sailing yacht in the world during his honeymoon in Italy, according to anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny, who credits a "reliable source" with confirming this information. Peskov has denied the claim, saying he is spending his vacation in Sicily, not Sardinia, as Navalny states.

This is the second scandal in roughly two weeks involving Peskov's extravagant tastes. Earlier this month, Navalny's organization also claimed that he wore at his wedding a wristwatch valued at more than half a million dollars. (Peskov says the watch was a gift from his wife, and isn't worth as much as Navalny claims.)

Navalny's anti-corruption group says Peskov and his new bride rented the 80-meter (260-foot) "Maltese Falcon" yacht, which is available for roughly 385,000 euros ($426,000) per week.

Navalny and his team say they confirmed the information from their source by accessing public tracking records available for ships, which allowed them to locate the Maltese Falcon during the time of Peskov's honeymoon. Navalny's team then tracked other ships in the vicinity of the yacht and compared them to photos posted on Instagram by Peskov's close friend Oleg Mitvol. According to this analysis, Mitvol's photographs could only have been taken from abroad the Maltese Falcon, where he was allegedly present for Peskov's honeymoon celebrations.

"It's inconceivable to believe that Peskov's 15-year-old adopted daughter and 49-year-old Oleg Mitvol were just spending some time together alone aboard the world's biggest sailing yacht," Navalny concludes. The anti-corruption activist is calling on Peskov to explain how he afforded to rent the ship. Navalny also calls for Peskov's resignation.