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Donetsk separatists demolish enormous art installation

Source: TV Rain

Separatists in Donetsk have blown up a large art installation by Cameroonian-born artist Pascale Marthine Tayou, who in 2012 transformed the top of a local smokestack into a lipstick tube. Tayou called the work of art “Transform!” and dedicated it to the women of Donetsk and their role in rebuilding the city after World War II.

According to Russian journalist Ilya Barabanov, the demolition of the tower took place earlier this month, on June 2, though video footage of the explosion appeared online only yesterday, June 24.

It remains unclear why exactly the rebels decided to destroy the structure, though Izolyatsia, the non-profit organization formerly based in the building, says Donetsk's new "mercenary" leadership has in the past threatened to "punish" the group's "supposed art."

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