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Chechen leader slams the West for violation of horse rights

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechen Republic, has accused Western states of violating the rights of horses. He posted this statement on Facebook in reaction to the Czech Republic’s ruling to freeze Kadyrov’s assets won from betting in horse races.

“How can you speak of human rights in the West, if they crudely violate horse rights – the rights of the most peaceful, kind and affectionate animals in the world?” asks Kadyrov.

If Bucephalus heard about this, after all these thousands of years, he would be turning in his grave. And Alexander the Great would proclaim war in order to restore horse rights!

Ramzan Kadyrov

On June 22, it was reported that the Czech Republic ruled to freeze assets relating to Kadyrov’s horses and his betting in horse races. This was done in accordance with the EU’s decision to prolong sanctions against Russia. Kadyrov is included in the list of persons to be sanctioned.

The Czech finance Ministry has reported that Kadyrov’s horses have been registered at a Czech jockey club since 2012.

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