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‘Financial Times’ kicks Russian companies out of its top-100 ranking

This year, not a single Russian company made it into the top 100 of the FT Global 500, an annual snapshot of the world’s largest companies drawn up by the Financial Times. The top-ranking Russian company in this year’s list is the energy giant Gazprom, which sank from 83rd place in 2014 to 170th place in 2015.

Only five Russian companies made it into the FT Global 500: Gazprom, oil giant Rosneft (213th place), oil company LUKOIL (271st place), the nickel mining and smelting company Norilsk Nickel (421st place), and oil and gas company Srugutneftegaz (441st place). With the exception of Norilsk Nickel, all of the companies used to rank about 70 or even over 100 places higher in last year’s list (Norilsk Nickel went only 4 places down).

Russian bank Sberbank ranked at 177th place in 2014, but this year it did not make the list at all.

Russia ranks 19th in the Financial Times ranking of total market capitalization.

Two years ago, not one Russian company was left in the top 50; in 2014, 7 representatives of Russia in terms of total market capitalization ended up behind the rest of the BRICS countries; and this year, Russia is not even represented in the top 100.


Apple remains the world’s most valuable company, ranking number 1 both last year and this year, at $725 billion.

American companies are the most represented in the ranking, with 209 companies.