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Russian activists detained after breaking into military base in Lavtia

Source: Other Russia

Several activists from the Other Russia movement have been detained at a military base in Latvia, after they climbed the fence, tore down a US flag, and replaced it with another flag in the colors of St. George’s Ribbon (a symbol of pride in the Russian military).

Photo: Other Russia VKontakte page

On its official website, Other Russia claimed responsibility for the stunt, boasting that its activists managed to reach the base’s headquarters.

A Latvian military official later confirmed that guards apprehended several individuals trying to enter the base illegally. 

Our action was a peaceful, precautionary measure. But the United States should know that Russian people won’t tolerate military blackmail and threats.

Other Russia

NATO forces began international training exercises on June 8 that are scheduled to last until June 19 and take place in all three Baltic states, as well as Poland. An estimated 6,000 troops from 13 different countries are participating. Roughly 1,000 troops are stationed at the military base in Latvia visited today by the “Other Russia” activists.