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Facebook deletes controversial post by Russian LGBT activist

Facebook has deleted a post by Russian LGBT rights activist Lena Klimova, where she published images of people who have sent her death threats.

Klimova is the founder of Children-404, an online support network for LGBT teens in Russia, similar to the It Gets Better campaign in the US. On April 20, she created an online photo album, titled “Beautiful People and What They Say to Me,” including publicly available pictures of individuals in their everyday lives, overlaid with the threatening, homophobic messages they’ve sent her.

The full photo album is published on VKontakte, Russia’s most popular social network, but Klimova also posted excerpts to her Facebook account.

On April 21, after Facebook deleted her original post, Klimova posted another several images from her “Beautiful People” album, challenging Facebook to remove her content a second time.

Facebook has not responded to Meduza’s requests for a comment on Klimova’s banned post.

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