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Ukrainian armored vehicle runs over child, authorities call the unrest a ‘provocation’

Source: TSN

Ukrainian authorities have claimed that the events in the town of Konstantinovka in eastern Ukraine were the result of “a provocation.” Konstantinovka is located on the border between territory controlled by Ukraine and territory controlled by eastern Ukrainian separatists.

On March 16, a Ukrainian armored vehicle ran over a woman with two children in Konstantinovka. The eight-year old girl died on the spot, and the mother and her youngest child were hospitalized. Residents of the town set Ukrainian military barracks on fire in protest after the incident.

Ilya Kiva, a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, has stated that the person responsible for the “provocation” has been identified and will be arrested immediately. Kiva claimed that this individual had actively sided with the separatists, and had arrived in Konstantinovka recently.

Kiva emphasized that the individual responsible will be brought to justice.

“I ask citizens not to succumb to the provocations of the separatists, who are using every opportunity to destabilize the situation in cities near the frontlines,” wrote Kiva.


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