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A 20-ton salad was prepared in a dump truck on Red Square

Source: Meduza

On Sunday, September 4, a 20.1-ton Greek salad was prepared in the tipping body of a dump truck parked on Moscow’s Red Square with the help of over 1,000 people.

Volunteers threw buckets upon buckets of vegetables and cheese that they had cubed themselves into the vehicle’s body. Another portion was thrown into the bucket of a tractor, which then transferred its contents into the body of the dump truck.

Мировая закусь: Греческий салат весом в 20 тонн
Комсомольская Правда

Newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote that three young men wrapped in plastic subsequently dove into the tipping body with shovels and transferred the salad back into buckets to better distribute it among spectators. According to the newspaper, a portion of the salad was given away to local humanitarian-like organizations, while the rest of it was eaten within 20 minutes.

According to newspaper Metro, only 1/3 of spectators were fortunate enough to gain access to the salad before the start of a “stampede”. Spectators then tore down the barricades around the dump truck and plundered the vehicle, scooping its contents into plastic containers. The Metro account maintains that even the plastic tablecloths taped to surrounding tables were torn off and carried away.

Nevertheless, in an interview with Metro, the public relations director of the Spasskaya Bashnya festival Lyubov Belesku insisted that there had been no stampede and that spectators “calmly” awaited their portions in line. According to Belesku, half of the salad had been distributed.

Photo: Agency "Moscow"

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