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like it or not
How one Russian city made Michael Phelps all its own
Source: Amur.Info

Earlier this week, outside the «Amur» stadium in Blagoveshchensk, located near the Chinese border in Russiaʼs Far East, passersby noticed a strange banner: in one photograph, the American swimmer Michael Phelps was depicted in a race, wearing a cap bearing his name and the Russian flag.

When local reporters drew attention to the banner, the stadiumʼs management promised to correct the mistake. In no time at all, stadium officials kept their word: now Phelps' name is no longer displayed on his swimming cap, and heʼs just an ordinary Russian athlete in a black cap bearing the federationʼs tricolor.

«E» is for efficiency! Michael Phelps is no longer Michael Phelps, but just a simple Russian guy with black paint on his swimming cap.
Evgeny Ivankin

This is how the banner looked before it was «corrected»:

Photo: 2×

The stadiumʼs management says it plans to replace the banner entirely, at a later date.