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Moscow police arrest a woman for sitting on the toilet too long

Source: Life News

Police detained a woman outside Moscow earlier today because she spent too long in a public restroom, according to the tabloid Life. According to reports, police officers intervened because they suspected that the woman, Alisa Kosheleva, might be concealing drugs.

Kosheleva told reporters that she became ill while returning home on the train, so she exited at a station and found a paid toilet. She spent about a half hour in the bathroom, managing to phone her friend and arrange a ride home. It was around this time that the bathroom attendant started banging on the door, demanding that she finish up and vacate the stall.

“I was having a flare-up of my chronic condition, which includes cramps. I was feeling awful, and that's why I spent about 20 minutes in the stall. This is when the restroom attendant started tugging on the door and demanding rudely that I come out, because I was costing her customers,” Kosheleva recalls. “I told her that I couldn't come out right then, because I was feeling unwell, but the woman didn't stop, and she called the police.”

Police officers soon arrived and waited for her to exit the toilet. Once she walked out, Kosheleva was detained and brought to a police station, where she remained for the next three hours. During that time, paramedics were summoned twice, as Kosheleva's pains continued. She says medical staff examined her for illegal drug use, but, finding nothing, eventually released her, without so much as a fine.

Photo on front page: Maxim Off / Flickr / CC 2.0
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