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like it or not

Russia just became the world's safest place to play Pokémon Go, thanks to a bank's new Pokémon-Go insurance policy

Source: VKontakte

The Russian bank Sberbank is now offering free insurance to Pokémon Go players. In the event that a player is injured while hunting for the illusive Pokémons, policyholders will be entitled to compensation as high as 50,000 rubles (almost $800). The bank is promoting the new scheme using the online hashtag #SBERBANKGO.

Sberbank specifies that its insurance policy only covers injuries sustained while playing Pokémon Go. Players have been told that they should photograph the site of their injury, if they're hurt while playing, as it could be required as evidence, before the bank honors the insurance policy.

Sberbank is also boosting its promotion by using the game to lure Pokémons to branches in at least 16 cities around Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and other cities.

Despite some initial confusion about whether the #SBERBANKGO is a genuine promotion by Sberbank, the company's press office has confirmed that it is a real thing.

Pokémon Go—a free “augmented reality” mobile game that gives users the objective of the catching Pokémon—has become a global phenomenon almost overnight. The game arrived officially in Russia on Monday, July 18.

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