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like it or not

There's a guy outside Moscow who dresses up as Batman and beats up drug dealers

There's a man in the Khimki area outside Moscow who dresses up as Batman and raids drug dens, beating up any drug dealers he finds. The “Khimki Batman” claims to have captured roughly 40 criminals. 

Law enforcement officers told the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets that, earlier this month, a taxi driver in the Khimki area witnessed a man dressed as Batman exit a building that later proved to be a drug den. The taxi driver says the Batman threw some kind of fire bomb at the ground and then disappeared into the shadows (see the video below). Police officers soon arrived, entered the building, and soon walked out escorting two men in handcuffs.

Moskovsky Komsomolets says it's obtained a letter mailed to the police in Khimki by the costumed crimefighter, where he declares his one-man war on crime, calling himself “humanity's first superhero.” He claims to have captured roughly 40 criminals and closed down several drug labs. Allegedly, he's also created a Twitter account, where he writes that “this is only the beginning.” He is asking police to send him tips via social media, to help him “root out evil.”

Batman declares war on drug dealers outside Moscow
Olga Nesterova

“I don't kill or cripple, and I'm not against the police or the authorities, but I do root out the evil that the police and the authorities can't reach. Their hands are tied, and they've become victims of their own colleagues and criminals. [...] I'm not looking for glory, and I'm not looking for allies or imitators. I'm just asking for some help with information,” the Khimki Batman wrote to police.

Moskovskiy Komsomolets
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