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like it or not

People in Novosibirsk have had enough of that woman who sunbathes by hanging her booty out the window

Source: Meduza

People in Novosibirsk are complaining about a woman who sunbathes by hanging her legs and exposed backside out of a second-story window. Locals say they are concerned that the spectacle is visible to children, criticizing police for failing to take any action.

The woman, who lives on the city’s Kropotkin Street, sunbathes in this manner daily, weather permitting, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Photos show that the woman does wear some clothes over her backside, while sunbathing.

The woman’s neighbors signed a petition and brought it to the building’s administrators and to the police in the hopes of forcing the woman to cease her activities, but the petition was not successful.

The neighbors are concerned most of all that there is a children’s artistic center not far from the building and that children can see the woman sunbathing on their way to the center. Other inhabitants of the city say they are more concerned that the woman might fall out of the window, but otherwise do not see anything inappropriate about her actions.

Locals have written posts online commenting on the woman’s habitants. They have established that this is not the first year that she's practiced such sunbathing and that her legs are not the only parts of her body that she hangs out of her window.

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