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Novosibirsk rescue workers warn people to stop taking selfies with that escaped bear

Source: TJournal

The authorities in Novosibirsk are searching for a bear that, eyewitnesses say, escaped from the forest. A local woman contacted the city's emergency services to report that she saw a bear exploring the streets outside her home. By the time the emergency crew arrived, the animal had managed to hide.

Police officers suspect that the bear could have escaped from an enclosure belonging to one of the residents of this area, as bears are extremely rare in the vicinity of Novosibirsk.

Yuriy Neryazev, the head of a neighborhood civil defense administration, has warned residents that bears are “dangerous animals,” adding, “Citizens who see a single bear waltzing about a forest need to hide from [the animal] and inform the police … You should not take selfies with bears! And don't panic. Under no circumstances should you scream, made noise, or throw stones in its direction. Do not provoke the animal.”

Photo on front page: Granada Turnier / Flickr / CC 2.0

In October 2014, American foresters made a similar appeal to tourists to respect safety regulations and stop taking selfies with wild bears. Park officials throughout the US have reportedly noted a surge in visitors taking selfies with dangerous wildlife.

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