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High school students stage a ‘budget version’ of Sergei Lazarev's Eurovision performance

Source: O, Surgut!

High school students at a talent show in Surgut recently staged their own version of Sergei Lazarev's Eurovision performance. The students translated the song, “Your Are the Only One,” from English into Russian, and improvised their own, decidedly more budget-friendly, special effects.

The highly budget-version of Lazarev's Eurovision performance.
O, Surgut!

Discerning viewers will realize instantly that the students' version and the original performance are virtually identical. Well done, boys and girls!

Here, incidentally, is Lazarev's show from Eurovision:

Eurovision 2016 Russia: Sergey Lazarev - You are the only one

It all started when the school learned that the [local] director of the Education Department and the head of City Hall planned to visit the school and attend the talent show. In order to impress these distinguished guests, the school concocted a parody routine about Sergei Lazarev's Eurovision performance.

O, Surgut!